Landrover Gearbox Repair Nottingham
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Land Rover & Jaguar Gearbox Repairs

Not just in Nottingham but Nationwide

Here at Slater's Garage Ltd we not only offer our general car repairs for our local customers but the more specialist services of prestige manufacturers gearboxes for customers nationwide. You may or may not know that the gearbox used in the prestigious Jaguar's is the same as that which is used in the as acclaimed Land Rover range.

These gearboxes are built to last and are out there as one of the most sought after and popular gearboxes in the world. Rarely do we see these go wrong but when they do and are in need of some repair the costs can spiral out of control should you choose a manufacturers repair centre.

The team here at Slaters Garage Ltd have had the privilege of repairing many Land Rover and Jaguar gearboxes over the years right here form our garage in Nottingham. We offer a comprehensive gearbox repair service for both automatic and manual Land Rover and Jaguar gearboxes not just for our local customers of Nottingham but nationwide.

We can arrange for the collection of your gearbox from anywhere in the UK and have this brought to us here in Nottingham for a complete repair and makeover before sending it back to you in complete working order. Best of all this service not only comes completely guaranteed but at a fraction of the cost that mainstream dealers will charge.

There are some common faults we see when it comes to Land Rover and Jaguar gearbox repairs which may give you some indication when to call us.