Fiat Gearbox Repair Nottingham
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Fiat Gearbox Repairs

We cover the whole of the UK not just Nottingham for Gearbox Repairs

OK so you own a Fiat, This means you probably see the inside of a garage slightly more than the average car owner. At Slaters Garage, your local gearbox specialist we believe it is important to fix gearbox problems not just replace the whole thing at the expense of the customer.

We have been in this industry for 30 years and know everything there is to know about all Fiat gearboxes. We are able pick your car/gearbox up from anywhere in the country and bring it to our Nottingham based workshop. It is here that we are able to take your gearbox apart, recondition it, repair or replace certain parts of it.

Our staff at Slater's Garage Ltd take pride in the fact that we have repaired thousands of Fiat gearboxes over the years and put 110% effort into every repair we carry out. Don't let your local garage dictate you need a brand new gearbox costing thousands, get a second opinion form us and see if we are able to bring the costs of your repair right down.

We have been fixing Fiat gearboxes for as long as we remember and know all of the most common faults. Give us a call and tell us the symptomatic problems you are having with your Fiat gearbox and we might be able to advise and quote over the phone.