ECU Repair in Nottingham
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ECU Repair & Car Diagnostics in Nottingham

Slater's Garage Ltd are proud to have invested heavily over the past few years in their car diagnostic equipment giving them a leading advantage over most garages at diagnosing your vehicles faults. Most modern cars come with an advanced ECU installed allowing for speedy diagnosis of faults letting us get straight to the cause of the problem heavily reducing the trial and error of repairs and therefore reducing your repairs costs. As we have invested heavily in our car diagnostic equipment we generally charge for a stand alone diagnostic however should you choose us to complete the repairs, and with our competitive pricing we hope you do, we will not charge for the initial diagnostic.

Some garages will run the initial diagnostic and make the repairs however charge for the warning lights to be removed from your dashboard. Not here at Slaters in Nottingham we will run the diagnostic before completing the repairs, only once we are happy the work has been done we will re run the test to make sure the problem is completely resolved. From here we will then remove all warning and hazard lights knowing the car has been completely repaired all free of charge.

ECU Repair from Slaters Garage Ltd

The ECU of your car is a small computer which speaks to almost every part of your car from the engine through to the wheels by performing millions of calculations per second. The ECU allows your car to establish the best spark timing and determine how long the fuel injector is open, ultimately determining the fuel consumption. Clever bit of kit really! For this very reason should you need an ECU repair you must use a highly trained professional who knows exactly what they are doing with these computerised units. We offer ECU repair to not only the people of Nottingham but on a national and international basis. As well as regularly repairing gearboxes, ECU repair is one of our other major services which we take great pride in, due to our lengthy experience in the repair industry.

Common Faults for Most Major Manufacturers ECU's

  • Remember its not always the ECU which causes the problem it can be the solenoids.
  • Vauxhall Easy-tronic Gearbox Clutch Actuator transmission - Car will not start F symbol in middle of dash
  • Audi A4 A6 Multi-tronic auto transmission - PRNDS light flashing on dashboard, Gearbox in fail-safe mode, Loss of reverse gear, Complete loss of drive
  • A-Class Automatic Gearbox - The fault is usually a solenoid, contact us for more information.
  • Mercedes A-Class GRM (Gear Recognition Module) - The fault will cause the F light to appear on the instrument cluster and a jerky or clunky gear change. The fault will normally be intermittent but if it is left for a long period then it could cause major damage to the gearbox.