How Car Servicing Will Save You Money
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Save Money with Car Servicing

Like anything else, if you look after something it will last longer; keeping your car engine running smoothly and efficiently all year around will help to save you money. Many drivers consider regular car maintenance to be an expensive job when carried out regularly, but by having your car regularly serviced you it can work out much more cost effective than a breakdown.

Types of Servicing You Should Carry Out on Your Car

When it comes to maintaining your car, there are a few things that can you can do to help ensure it doesn’t suffer an expensive breakdown.

Tyre Pressure

Experts believe that around 20% of a cars energy consumption is down to the tyre pressure; making it an important factor when it comes to servicing your car. Ensuring that your car tyres are pressurised correctly can help minimise fuel consumption and extend the lifespan of your tyres.

Tyres that are underinflated will flex more when the car is on the move, which generates extra heat causing degradation of the tyres. With more rubber contact with the road, the engine must work harder causing it to burn more fuel. This means that under inflated tyres mean you’ll need to change your tyres more regularly. By regulating your tyre pressure regularly or having an expert mechanic carry it our as part of your car servicing will help to ensure you have the correct pressure in your tyres; helping to reduce the amount of time you need to change your tyres meaning you save money in the long run.

Oil Change

Regularly changing the oil in your car is an important part of keeping it running smoothly and is vital when it comes to tyre servicing. With the lubrication that the oil provides, the engine part will grind against each other which will ultimately lead to a major car troubles.

The oil in the engine also helps to protect from water and heat damage that can be produced when the engine is running. Undertaking in an oil change as partial car servicing will help to reduce the friction inside the engine, meaning less energy is needed to run your car. There are different grades of oil, so ensuring you are using the correct type of oil is used is important. By checking your car handbook or using a professional mechanic will ensure that the best type of oil is used in your car. With less friction build up in the car, means your car will be burning less energy; this helps to reduce fuel consumption meaning you’re saving money on the amount of fuel that you need to run your car.

A Full Service

A full car servicing by a trained and professional mechanic usually entails everything from tyre pressure, oil changes, filter checks and much more. By undertaking a full car servicing will help to keep your car in prime condition, and helping it to run smoothly all year around. By having a car that runs efficiently all year, will help to reduce the chances of a breakdown; meaning your wallet is less likely to take the hit of an expensive breakdown.

Save Money by Servicing Your Car

Failing to service your vehicle every year to just save a few pounds, is a false economy. Regularly servicing your car can help to identify any issues with it before they turn into expensive problems. Regular maintenance can not only save you money on car parts and repairs but also at the pump as well. With a quality car servicing you could save up to hundreds every year, when it comes to your car, make sure you look after it and you’ll soon start to see them benefits in your pocket.