BMW Gearbox Repair Nottingham
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BMW Gearbox Repairs

Not just in Nottingham but Nationwide

Having been in the motor industry for over 30 years we have seen our fair share of BMW gearboxes which were in need of recondition, repairing and in the majority of cases completely rebuilding. Please do not take this the wrong way the gearbox inside a BMW is one of the most reliable on the market but also one of the most common for needing gearbox repairs. It must be due to the amount of miles these cars can comfortably withstand means we see more of them than many others.

Either way we have a highly experienced team of BMW gearbox repairers expertly trained in the diagnostic and repair, reconditioning and rebuilding of these luxurious cars. As with most major manufacturers the gearbox is almost the same on every model throughout the range meaning once we have seen one we have seen them all. Rest assured we can take care of your prized possession and get it back to you in full working order in no time.

Our team have dealt with anything from automatic, manual and trip tronic gearboxes on all BMW's over the years and in most cases can turn around repairs in under a week. As with every repair here at Slater's Garage Ltd we offer BMW gearbox repairs not only in Nottingham but throughout the entire UK.