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Avoiding and Fixing Inconvenient Car Problems

Slaters Garage: For all your car related needs

Here at slaters garage we offer a range of services to help with all those car problems you may suffer, but why suffer a problem when you can avoid them all together with regular servicing and yearly MOTs. Our fully trained and expert engineers are on hand to undertake all your car servicing work, we can carry out regular maintenance checks on your vehicle to ensure its running safely and smoothly, helping you to avoid a major breakdown. Even with servicing sometimes breakdowns are inevitable that's why our team of expert engineers are on hand to provide breakdown cover, so if you’re out on the motorway or just stuck with a broken car then our breakdown recovery service is perfect for you.

If you've had your new car longer than three years or you're due that yearly MOT then make sure you consider what we can offer you, with fully trained and experienced engineers we can offer you a high quality and efficient service, doing our best to ensure your vehicle passes its MOT, and if it doesn’t then we’ll be more than happy to help with the necessary fixes to get it passed. So whether it's regular servicing, MOTS or Breakdown recovery you need then here at Slaters Garage where the experts for you.

Avoid a breakdown with regular car servicing

There nothing worse then when you suffer a breakdown, although sometimes they can be inevitable most times they could be avoided with regular car servicing. Our trained and experienced engineers can take a look at your car if you feel it's starting to get a bit sluggish, regardless of the age or model we’re here to help. We will give your car that all needed tlc it requires to keep it running safely and smoothly.

There are many benefits and advantages to having a servicing on your car carried out:

  • It keeps you safe by helping to identify any issues that may become serious problems
  • Helps to save money, by keeping your car running smoothly it can avoid a major breakdown
  • Regular servicing can improve your car's lifespan
  • Having a full service history will give you a better second hand resale value, when it comes to selling your car
  • Keeps your car running smoothly and safely

So why suffer a breakdown or have a major problem occur with your car, when you can help to avoid it with a simple car servicing. Leave your car in our safe hands and one of our expert engineers will carry out a detailed inspection of your car, checking things like engine oil, lights, brakes, tyres, horn, seat belts, battery and much more. Your safety is our top priority, that's why our trained and experienced experts carry out some of the highest standard car servicing, so don’t just do it for your car's lifespan and to keep it running smoothly but do it for your safety to.

Expert MOT service

Have you purchased a brand new car, and owned it for nearly three years, then it’s due its first MOT. Government regulations state that all new cars need to be rigorously tested after three years on the road to ensure that's it's running safely and smoothly. If your car's reached that three years point then fear not we can help, our fully trained and experienced MOT specialists will carry out that well needed MOT. You're in safe hands with our MOT specialists and they’ll put your car through a thorough Class 4 Mot. Most new cars pass that first MOT, but fear not if your car does happen to fail then we’ll be more than happy to help. Our trained and experienced team of engineers will work with you to discuss the work needed and the cost involved before we carry out any work.

Every year your car will be due its annual MOT, when it due simply book your car in with us , and our team of MOT specialists will carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle to make sure it’s safe to use, and why you have your MOT carried out then why not get an annual service check carried out too. If your car happens to fail it’s MOT, then our engineers will give you a call to discuss the work that needs carrying out, and we’ll follow your instruction on how you wish to proceed. When you leave your car with us for an MOT, you know you’re in safe hands, all of our engineers are fully trained and have years of experience between them and customer safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

Emergency Recovery Service

At Slaters Garage we have you covered with our breakdown recovery service, if you car does happen to breakdown and you’re stuck on the side of the motorway, at work, home or somewhere else then we can help. When you’re stuck in one of those difficult situations, get in touch with us and a vehicle will be dispatched to come and help, they’ll pick you up and bring you back to our garage.

There's nothing worse in life that been stuck out in the cold when your car suffers a breakdown, most car drivers will suffer it at some point in their lives and that's why it's important to remember who you can all in that emergency. When you give us a call we’ll dispatch one of our breakdown recovery vehicles to come and pick you up, once your cars in our hands we’ll work with you to get it back on the road as soon as possible.We believe in customer satisfaction that's why we offer a high quality and extremely professional service, our trained and experienced engineers are always on hand to help, so when something goes wrong with your car you know who to call.

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