Gold Car Servicing in Nottingham
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Comprehensive Annual Car Servicing

Gold Package

Gold Servicing

At certain times in a vehicles life it will require a major service according to manufactures guidelines, this is generally at a substantial milestone in mileage. By completing a comprehensive major service you are ensuring the longevity of the car and making sure it remains in good working order. Having a major service on your car may be an expensive outlay in the first instance however it helps prevent future expensive repairs should you opt to not have this done.

As you can imagine going up the scale with our gold car servicing package we tick every single box with during the annual service. From standard oil replacements through to thorough checking of the underbody of the car we make sure every detail has been checked. We guarantee you will leave more than satisfied not only with the level of service but at the price we quote. Every make and model is different so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your gold service package option.

Gold Service Includes

  • Add engine oil flush (optional)
  • Replace air filter (if required)
  • Replace spark plugs (if required)
  • Replace pollen filter (if required)
  • Replace fuel filter (if required)
  • Test brake fluid
  • Test antifreeze
  • Check distributor cap and rotor (if required)
  • Check wiring and components
  • Top up all under bonnet fluids
  • Check auxiliary drive belts
  • Check fuel system and pipes
  • Check cooling system
  • Check vacuum pipes
  • Check brake and clutch hydraulics
  • heck engine breather system
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check suspension joints/bushes/gaiters
  • Check drive shaft gaiters
  • Check shock absorbers/coil springs
  • Check flexible brake hoses
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures
  • Report on tyre condition
  • Remove all wheels
  • Check front brakes
  • Check rear brakes
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Check windscreen washers and wipers
  • Top-up screen washer bottle
  • Check gearbox oil (if possible)
  • Check differential (if possible)
  • Check exhaust system for leaks and damage
  • Check brakes and fuel lines
  • Check hand brake cable
  • Check for underbody condition
  • Check windscreen for damage
  • Check washers and wiper blades
  • Check lights and lenses inc Reverse lights
  • Lubricate bonnet, door and boot hinges and locks
  • Check seat belt operation
  • Check operation of controls and switches
  • Check foot and hand brake travel
  • Stamp service book and reset service light
  • Torque wheel nuts (if wheels removed)
  • Remove wheels and :-
  • Check brake pads
  • All for wear and tear, advising on our findings

To find out what service best suits your make and model at it's current mileage give Paul or Dave a call today for a price and to arrange your booking. Why not get your MOT done at the same time as your annual service and save money on our double up offer.