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Audi Gearbox Repairs

Not just in Nottingham but Nationwide

Here at Slater's Garage Ltd in Nottingham we like to give you a detailed breakdown of the more specialist services we offer in relation to gearbox repairs. Having worked in the industry for so many years we know a thing or two about gearbox repairs, more specifically Audi gearbox repairs.

Since the facelift of the complete Audi range and the launch of the prestige Audi A7, A6 and S Line ranges this brand has become a challenger for prestige and luxury family saloons worldwide. With the increased demand has come an increase in repair queries here at Slaters in Nottingham for not just the recent facelift models but the classics.

Audi gearbox repairs are a common occurrence and something we know a great deal about. With the option of automatic, manual and trip tronic gearbox options direct from the dealer we have repaired them all.

Any transmission audi gearbox repair is something only a highly trained mechanic can undertake as it takes years of experience to know not only an engine but the gearbox and ecu common faults and of course the most appropriate way to repair the fault.

No matter where you live in the UK we can arrange for your Audi gearbox to be collected and brought to us here in Nottingham for a specialist diagnosis before we begin the repair. Finding someone knowledgeable to get you back on the road without charging you main dealer prices is a difficult task. There is no need to spend hours trawling Google to find a reputable Audi gearbox repair centre not only in Nottingham but Nationwide as we have had hundreds of happy customers over the years.

There are some key things to look out for when it comes to common faults on Audi gearboxes. Some of these errors are more important than others however get the advice the minute something shows as wrong and it could save you a fortune in the long run.

Common Audi Faults and Error Codes

  • The problem will normally be intermittent with the PRNDS light flashing and the gearbox going in to the neutral position.
  • The common fault on a dsg gear box is that when your driving down the road and there is a loud noise it is the bearings inside the box
  • A common fault on a dsg gearbox is that the oil cooler breaks down and puts water in to the gear box
  • A common fault for the dsg gearbox is a noise coming from the bell housing area this is the dual mass fly wheel.